The AIFC Court and IAC Training Centre held its annual training course

The AIFC Court and IAC Training Centre held its annual training course, “The AIFC Court and IAC Accredited Certificate in Common Law Advocacy Skills”, taught by Dr. Natalia Perova. Dr. Perova is a Russian-speaking English barrister, International Arbitrator, and Head of the International Dispute Resolution Group at Lamb Chambers.

The course considered practical case preparation and advocacy aspects at the AIFC Court, such as case theory and strategy, production and presentation of evidence, preparation for trial and applications, and trial advocacy.

Since 2018, the AIFC Court and IAC have given more than 50 webinars and training courses on English common law, advocacy, international arbitration and mediation, to more than 3000 participants from the legal, business, and academic communities in Kazakhstan.

The AIFC Court and IAC Training Centre is focused on preparing young lawyers in Kazakhstan to be future leaders in the law and to represent investors in cases at the AIFC Court and IAC.

The Training Centre gives 8 training courses each year with key training partners having included CEDR, Cambridge University, UCL, Columbia University, Bucerius Law School, and other international legal training organisations. It also provides IELTS English Language training courses, hosts an annual IAC Eurasia Arbitration event, hosts the IAC Central Asia Vis Pre-Moot with the US State Department of Commerce, hosts the annual AIFC Court Moot, hosts high school mediation and negotiation competitions, and provides international standard lawyer internships at the AIFC Court and IAC and at an international law firm.

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