Zmarak Khan
Senior Counsel, United States Department of Commerce (CLDP)
IAC Chambers is one of the best I have ever seen. I don’t mean in a region, but I mean at set the level of Paris, Hong-Kong, Singapore. IAC Chambers has an amazing internet infrastructure, so we have had no problem connecting with arbitrators and teams from all over the world. In short, both the physical location of the IAC Chambers as well as the internet infrastructure is about as good as it gets, and it has allowed us to do this work very effectively. See full feedback.
Bakyt Tukulov 
Partner at Tukulov & Kassilgov Litigation 
I think it’s no doubt that IAC Chambers can provide good value to dispute parties because of its location, approximately to the airport high class premises. Even comparing to other facilities available in Astana, or similar this place is more specialized in terms of disputes. From that perspective I think it offers great value to disputing parties. There is no need for the parties to really have connection to AIFC, so any disputing parties can use facilities even underrelated to the AIFC. This is very helpful. For example I have a flight tonight and it’s good place to stay at work and use the premises as opposed to going to some other facilities, to another hotel or something. You show that there are also printing facilities which are excellent. From all that perspective I think this is very optimal place to work. 
Sergei Vataev 
Independent lawyer 
What I have seen today actually impressed me a lot. I believe that this is top notch, very well-equipped place for doing business and it is really convenient that such modern and I would say really great place, I guess it may compete with actually well renowned world class facilities. The Chambers of IAC are quite useful for those who are coming here just for series of meetings. Many people are coming here just for basically on explore to remission to find out what is AIFC, what is Kazakhstan, and having convenient and well served place of doing business just for short run is really great opportunity. I guess it will facilitate their decisions in establishing their business in Kazakhstan, AIFC and Kazakhstan in general. I think it is a great initiative and I am sure it will be quite successful.
Cristen Bauer
Legal Advisor at the United States Department of Commerce (CLDP)
IAC Chambers is state-of-the-art world class facility. The IAC Chambers is fully equipped with really great hearing rooms and breakout rooms with lots of great table space, comfortable, high-tech equipment available for hybrid hearings that took place. Also, the Lecture facilities are really great place to do bigger trainings as a whole group. I would say that the IAC Chambers is just a state-of-the-art facility for arbitral hearings and for Pre-Moot hearings. See full feedback.